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Cuir ou pas cuir

21 février 2017

Cuir ou pas cuir

Vous envisagez d'acheter des meubles en cuir ?


Imaginez que vous entrez dans une pièce, de grandes fenêtres sur la droite, une cheminée à bois à combustion lente face à vous. Vous posez votre regard sur deux chaises confortables et joliment taillées qui flanquent la cheminée.

Maintenant, faites ces chaises en cuir, la décision dépend entièrement du ton de la pièce finie.

Leather is a byproduct of the food industry, and as I have told both my children, and clients alike.


“Best to be used on furniture, and not disposed of in a landfill for my great-grandchild to have to deal with”. So to Betty and Donna, my two dear vegetarian friends. We still have a very large meat-eating population, and you still love us!

Le cuir a été et est toujours considéré avec scepticisme et prudence par certains, qu'il s'agisse de sa fragilité, de sa durabilité ou de son prix. Oui, je vais y aller !

The most durable and coveted part of the leather is its surface, tight molecules of top grain leather are best as its beauty and softness can be felt. Natural markings such as folds and insect bites are also evident in this type. Neither cold nor hot, as it takes on the temperature of your hands at rest within 15 seconds.


The very first armour was fashioned by boiling leather. They would cut it with an Exacto knife! Full disclosure, I am particularly accident-prone, spills of a variety of bevies and foods are not unknown in my living room.

Le prix est quelque peu indicatif de son grade et de sa qualité.

Les notations deviennent confuses, car il y en a beaucoup dans le monde, par chiffres en Europe, par lettres en Amérique du Nord, etc. Ici, vous devez prendre votre temps. Faites confiance aux connaissances de la personne qui vous donne sa version du cuir aniline, plein, supérieur, fendu et collé.

Here I make things easy. Aniline is the dye they use. Full is the least processed of the hydes. Top grain means the processing is done to enhance, ie antiquing, embossing, or rubbing another colour to the hyde. The term Split is just that, the leather is horizontally split. The bottom half is pigmented with dye, then embossed to resemble the top part of the hyde.


Split is ok to use on sides and backs of furniture, as the price of leather can become somewhat unattainable. This one you can touch and it will not warm to your temperature. Last and least expensive is Bonded. Remnants of used hydes are laminated, and therefore render a shiny and cold surface that will soon crack and peel.

Nouvel appel à l'action

My advice, try leather, it’s durable, easy to clean, has longevity. Consequently, you don’t have to replace it that often, and most important it automatically elevates the tone and look of the room.


Check the hands of those that sit on the leather, they are feeling the luxury of the soft leather. Whether it’s a sofa and loveseat, or the two chairs, or the ottoman, its luxurious look will add to any room. Come in and let me show you how. And even if you don’t want leather, I would love to meet you and make that room look just right for you. The way you always envisioned your home.

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