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Salle à manger

Regardez la vidéo pour savoir si un ensemble de salle à manger Canadel est fait pour vous.

Canadel Ottawa and Kingston

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Your dining options are endless! At Canadel Ottawa, you have full customization control over every furniture detail, including materials, size, shape, leg design, and wood finish. We even have drop-leaf and extendable dining tables for those special occasions when you need extra seating.

Want to have one-of-a-kind dining furniture that will fit your unique dining room? Reach out to us now and we can help you customize exactly what you want!



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A beautiful dining area – one that reflects your taste and style – makes the experience even sweeter. At Canadel Ottawa, we believe many of life’s special moments take place in this room. 

You can download our Dining Flyer to see what we have in stock now!


Canadel Ottawa

Canadel Furniture in Ottawa and Kingston

For many of us, the kitchen and dining room are truly the heart of our home.

These are the spaces where we share good times with family and friends, and indulge in everything entertaining, from cooking delicious meals to enjoying lively conversation.  

Check out our in-stock dining set available at Canadel Ottawa.

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Modern dining table

Modern Dining Table

Options de personnalisation chez Canadel

A dining table is the focal point of any dining room. With so much opportunity to express yourself within a piece of furniture, some might struggle in knowing what might be best for them.

When it comes to Canadel dining tables, there are so many customization options to choose from! From round modern dining tables to square, glass dining tables or even boat-shaped tables, Canadel has it all.

Learn more about what dining table is right for you and what to consider when purchasing a modern dining room table.




Canadel in Ottawa

Buffets et tabourets de bar

Canadel Ottawa has many different barstool and buffet configurations to choose from, thanks to its many customization options.

Des tabourets de bar sans accoudoirs fixés à un îlot de cuisine permettent de rester décontracté et offrent des places assises supplémentaires lorsque des invités arrivent pour le week-end.  

Canadel in Ottawa offers a diverse buffet selection, each featuring unique styles, with varying choices available

Dining bench and chairs

Dining Benches & Chairs

At Canadel, you can customize every aspect of your chair or dining bench: colour, fabric, leg design and wood finish. 

When considering dining seating, you have the option of upholstered or wooden chairs and stools. Additionally, dining chairs can be customized with optional arms and various decorative back designs.

En ce qui concerne les bancs de salle à manger, les clients peuvent choisir entre des options petites ou longues et des bancs rembourrés avec un, deux ou trois coussins. 

Each dining chair cover is made in a different style, giving your dining room a truly personalized feel.

Collection Canadel Dining

Available in Ottawa

Certaines des expériences les plus significatives se déroulent autour de la table du dîner. Même avec un emploi du temps chargé, après une longue journée, nous aimons partager un repas avec nos proches et entendre parler de leur journée. 

Watch the video or read our in-depth review to learn more about the Canadel Custom Dining Collection available in Ottawa.

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More About Canadel Canada

For more than 30 years Canadel has staked its reputation on high-quality dining tables, chairs, sideboards and benches. Feel good about buying Canadian-made dining furniture crafted from the highest quality materials, customized for you and your family.

Since 1982, the Canadel Canada vision has endured, offering personalized products tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer’s home. 

Learn more about Canadel HERE.

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